CCE-3VX5 3U VPX 5-slot CUBE Conduction Cooled

Conduction cooled 5 slot 3U VPX with integral 6 channel intelligent 400W power supply.

CCE-3VX5 Product Datasheet


Embedded RuSH Technology monitors Power Supply voltage and current on all 6-channels, plus temperature, and (optionally) humidity. Flexible, Dawn patented, “Eye”-tested backplane fabric and I/O mapping supports any application. Backplane is configurable to meet any data plane connection fabric.

  • Ideal packaging solution for UAV applications
  • 5-Slots of 3U VPX on 1″ pitch (OpenVPX Ready)
  • Integrated intelligent Power Supply provides up to 400 Watts of 6-channel power
  • Embedded RuSH technology actively monitors voltage, current and temperature and talks over system management bus using I2C
  • Performance “Eye”-tested and Dawn patented Fabric Mapping Modules allow customization of data plane fabric
  • High-bandwidth, differential shielded PCI Express type Rigid I/O panel interface eliminates wiring challenges
  • Dawn patented backplane I/O mapping modules enable PMC/XMC to I/O customization