Design Capabilities

Dawn’s engineering talents and experience are extensive, and cover the full range of military, commercial and telecom technologies. Whether you have a solidified idea in mind or just a rough idea of your requirements, working with Dawn’s engineers and program managers will help ensure the timely and successful completion of your project.

The involvement of Dawn’s engineering department starts in the quoting process. Prior to quoting any custom product, the Dawn team reviews critical areas, long lead-time parts, testing requirements and available manpower. Once a custom product order is received, Dawn’s Project Managers coordinate all efforts and relay required documentation and reviews to our customer. No manufacturing commences without customer approval of the design.

Mechanical Design

Dawn continues to design a huge variety of Commercial, Military (rugged), ATR and telecomm enclosure solutions. Our experienced mechanical engineers, working with the latest 3-D design tools, can quickly produce a 3-D concept model to forward to our customer for review.

This allows Dawn customers to actually manipulate the model on their computer screen and impart any suggested changes or upgrades. Individual parts can be highlighted or removed for a better view. This gives our customers the ability to view the product before it is built.

PCB Design

For over 30 years Dawn has been designing and manufacturing backplanes. This vast experience, along with the use of the latest layout tools, insures accuracy and signal integrity in backplane design. Many of Dawn’s standard backplane offerings can be altered or customized to meet customer requirements. Additionally, Dawn can take your source files, convert them to our design tool, and create the required documentation to build your product.

Custom Designs

Dawn’s unique ability to react to custom opportunities in a timely manner has created a comprehensive design library of enclosures and backplanes. To date, Dawn has created over one thousand different custom backplane designs. Our engineering design teams work hand-in-hand with your engineers to create the best suited solution for your application. No matter what you have in mind, it is very likely that Dawn’s engineers have designed something similar in the past and can leverage that experience and IP to help you.

Power and Cooling

Today’s embedded systems consume more power and generate more heat than ever before. Dawn’s engineers have a profound understanding of the issues involved with cooling. Through experience, calculation and the use of sophisticated tools such as FlowWorks, Dawn can confirm that our cooling solution is adequate before the design is completed. Whether your design is based on air, conduction, liquid or spray cooled, Dawn can provide the best solution for your power and cooling requirements.

Monitoring, Control and Data Collection

If your design requires system control or monitoring, Dawn’s solutions are at the forefront of technology. So good, in fact, that many of Dawn’s competitors are its customers. Dawn’s RuSH system health monitor is well known as the most reliable, cost-effective and capable solution on the market. All the members of the RuSH family provide the ability not only to monitor fans, voltages, currents, humidity, shock & vibration, and pressures – but also to control power supplies, fan speeds, heaters, pumps or virtually anything else.

The RuSH is an Internet enabled device allowing you to monitor and direct its activities a world away. Bus independent, the RuSH is suitable for a multitude of standard and custom applications. Since its inception, Dawn has created over 100 special “builds” of (field upgradable) firmware. This small, versatile and military-rugged product is another example of the quality designs available from Dawn VME Products.