Dawn VME Products
Military rugged. Field reliable. Deployment ready.
Dawn VME Products
Dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction.
Dawn VME Products
Rugged, Reliable and Ready.

Designer friendly and flexible technology

VPX Power Supplies

Dawn is the leader in VITA 62 compliant power supplies for the mission critical market. Wide range of standard features, highly configurable through custom firmware.

VPX Products

VITA46, VITA48 (VPX REDI) and VITA65 (Open VPX) ready accessories, backplanes, development chassis, power supplies, enclosures and rack mounts.

SOSA Products

Dawn VME Products is committed to leadership in SOSA modules and infrastructure.


Standard and custom backplanes include Gen3 VPX, VPX, VME, VME64, VME64x, VXI, H.110, PXI and CompactPCI along with switched fabric configurations.


VPX and cPCI Accessories, Ethernet Conversion and Rear Transition Modules, Extender Cards and Boards, Slot Load and Bypass Boards, Prototyping and Adapter Boards, Front and Filler Panels. Custom applications available.


A complete product offering of VPX, general purpose, rugged, development and card cage solutions supporting the VITA™ and PICMG® system architectures.

RuSH Monitors

Very popular, unique, user-friendly multi-functional enclosure monitoring and control system. Monitors and controls system voltages and temperatures remotely.

Design Capabilities

Dawn provides customers an in-depth and broad range of system and product knowledge and expertise coupled with the latest tools in design and manufacture.

Product Spotlight

PSC-6234 3U 400-Watt 28VDC input conduction cooled

3U VITA 62 compliant 400 watt 6 channel plug-in or bulkhead mounted power supply for conduction cooled OpenVPX systems. Embedded RuSH technology. Load sharing circuitry for up to 4 modules.

VPX-5908 3U OpenVPX Backplane

3U OpenVPX Development Backplane. 1.0 Inch Pitch, 8-Slot Fabric Mappable. Daisy Chain Fabric on VPX J1 Rows 1-8. Supports 12H, 5VH, and VEN power profiles. Additional topologies available.

RME-6430 3U VPX 2-16 slots Rack Mount Enclosure

RME-6430 7U 19” Rack Mount Enclosure for 3U VPX. 2-16 VPX slots at 1” pitch backplane with extreme power and cooling. Recessed rear TM cage provided for applications requiring rear TM’s.

Backplane Topology Customization

Dawn provides extensive backplane customization tools with full prototype to production capability. Our designer friendly and flexible technology can solve many of your application problems in the design phase.

Contact Dawn to ease the design-to-production transition and reduce deployment time to enable high performance, mission critical systems. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Moving multiple one slots into monolithic. Quick-turn various design configurations with one slot RF signal specific backplanes for rapid, cost effective conversion to topology matching monolithic backplanes.

VPXplus topology mapping and I/O cabling. Dawn as a MERITEC Partner offers VPXplus backplane cabling systems attached to Rear Transition Module connectors for topology mapping and I/O.

VPXplus wafer to wafer pipes. Cable interconnection system installs through housing into Rear Transition Module connectors on rear of backplane to add virtually any signal topology to VPX backplanes.

Open VPX Backplane Fabric Mapping Modules. Dawn’s patented connectorless micro-overlays simplify and automate topology customization to quickly optimize off-the-shelf OpenVPX backplanes.

Rugged, Reliable and Ready.

Our long history of customer satisfaction, proven design and manufacturing capabilities makes us the premier choice. We can modify our existing platforms, or incorporate your requirements into a customized solution for prototyping and development. We are dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction.