Dawn Fabric Mapping Modules

Fabric Mapping Modules Datasheet

Dawn’s patented connector-less micro-overlays simplify and automate topology customization to quickly optimize off-the-shelf OpenVPX backplanes.


Dawn’s patent for “Backplane Slot Interconnection, Method and Apparatus” was issued on September 23, 2014 as U.S. Patent No. 8,841,560. Inventor is Dawn Senior Designer Brian Roberts.

Dawn’s Fabric Mapping Modules use BGA (Ball Grid Array) substrate technology as a micro-overlay, similar in function to VME backplane overlays except FMMs can be used on VPX backplanes and are tuned for high-speed signal transmission. Fabric Mapping Modules interface a PCB based differential pair matrix with compatible Dawn backplanes, so inter-slot communications can be customized to meet unique system requirements.

The flexibility offered by the wide range of OpenVPX profiles allows designers to optimize the communication topology between slots within a system’s backplane, delivering tremendous improvements in the performance of real-time applications. Slots can be designed to accept the best I/O modules for a specific application and the number of those slots also matched to application needs.

• Off-the-shelf backplanes can be quickly customized to mission requirements.
• Optimize the communication topology between slots within a system’s backplane.
• Customize inter-slot communications to meet unique system requirements.
• Improve signal integrity between system cards beyond requirements of PCI Express, Serial Rapid I/O and 10Gbit (XAUI) Ethernet standards.
• Directly connect PCI Express or SerialRapid I/O to multiple cards or cards and switches.
• Link SATA from a CPU card to a Solid State Drive (SSD) carrier.
• Enable XMC cards to talk to other XMC cards or other I/O like PCI Express links.
• Facilitate rear backplane I/O connections and low profile connector interface systems when normal transition modules do not fit the system application envelope.
• Fabric Mapping Modules provide a natural migratory development environment for moving from the lab to the field with high speed OpenVPX backplanes.