VPX-7998 6U VITA 65 Single Slot Backplane

Single slot 6U VPX backplane for development or production applications. May be ordered separately or with Dawn development chassis. Multiple units may be topology wired using MERITEC Plus VPX cables.

Single Slot VPX Backplanes Datasheet


Single slot 6U VPX Power and Ground Backplane offers the ultimate in flexibility. Power input provided with Fast-ON tabs for VS1, VS2, and VS3 inputs. Use stand alone or in combination with other backplanes. Available with or without rear transition module connector.

  • Designed to support VITA 46 and VITA 65 requirements
  • Simple power connection provided by spade lug connections, for quick disconnect
  • Generic VPX provides power, ground and signal pass through (P0-P6 are all user defined)
  • Includes Multi-Gig P0-P6 in front
  • Optional RJ0-RJ6 in rear
  • Includes VPX Guide pins front & rear
  • Use for test stations or development purposes (See Dawn’s development chassis)
  • 10.317″H x 0.718″W x 0.212″T
  • PCB: FR-370 HR with UL-94 V0 Flammability rating

When ordering or requesting quote, use: P/N 06-1017998-01