A complete product offering of VPX, general purpose, rugged, development and card cage solutions supporting the VITA™ and PICMG® system architectures.

VPX Enclosures

VPX enclosures based on OpenVPX (VITA65) and VPX REDI (VITA48) specifications.

enclosuresGeneral Purpose Enclosures

Rackmount enclosures in a variety of configurations, backplanes, cooling and power options.

Rugged Enclosures

Rugged, mission critical and ATR enclosures for military, aerospace, commercial applications.

General Purpose Card Cages

A full line of shielded and non-shielded general purpose and rugged card cages which feature a quality aluminum frame construction and multiple card guide options.


Shock Isolated Equipment Racks

Shock isolated and EMI shielded equipment racks for mission critical deployable systems.


Custom Enclosures

Modified COTS and full custom enclosure designs, standard or rugged, compliance tested.

dscDevelopment Chassis

Tabletop and portable development chassis in a variety of backplane and power configurations.

Rugged Card Cages

Dawn’s patented DuroCage extruded-aluminum rail system available in 3U, 6U and 9U standard card cage configurations.