VPX Products

VITA46, VITA48 (VPX REDI) and VITA65 (Open VPX) ready accessories, backplanes, development chassis, power supplies, enclosures and rack mounts.

VPX Accessories

A full line of accessories for the VPX marketplace based on the various VITA Standards for VPX, offering unique and innovative features.

VPX Backplanes 

Dawn’s VPX backplanes are based on VPX (VITA46), VPX REDI (VITA48), and OpenVPX (VITA65) available in a wide range of profiles and topologies.

VPX Development Chassis

Tabletop and portable VPX and Hybrid development systems for 3U and 6U modules.

VPX Enclosures

VPX enclosures based on OpenVPX (VITA65) and VPX REDI (VITA48) specifications.

VPX Power Supplies

Dawn is the leader in VITA 62 compliant power supplies for the mission critical market. Wide range of standard features, highly configurable through custom firmware.

VPX Air Transport Racks

Air and conduction cooled ATR enclosures for rugged VPX deployments.