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CCE-3VX4 VPX CUBE Conduction Cooled 4 slot 3U VPX

Conduction cooled 4 slot 3U VPX with integral 6 channel intelligent 400W power supply.

CCE-3VX4 Product Datasheet


Dawn created the “CUBE” family of enclosures to address the needs of the UAV market. Small and extremely rugged, cold plate base coupled, conduction cooled enclosure measures 7″L x 6″W x 7.62H. Full environmental sealing insures reliable operation in any environment. Embedded RuSH Technology monitors Power Supply voltage and current on all 6-channels, plus temperature, and (optionally) humidity. Flexible, Dawn patented, “Eye”-tested backplane fabric and I/O mapping supports any application. Backplane is configurable to meet any data plane connection fabric.

  •  Ideal packaging solution for UAV applications
  • 4-Slots of 3U VPX on 1″ pitch (OpenVPX Ready)
  • Integrated intelligent Power Supply provides up to 400 Watts of 6-channel power
  • Embeded RuSH technology actively monitors voltage, current and temperature and talks over system management bus using I2C
  • Performance “Eye”-tested and Dawn patented Fabric Mapping Modules allow customization of data plane fabric
  • High-bandwidth, differential shielded PCI Express type Rigid I/O panel interface eliminates wiring challenges
  • Dawn patented backplane I/O mapping modules enable PMC/XMC to I/O customization

Order Dawn P/N 11-1017294-WXYZ (See Data Sheet to decode suffix options)

Additional information

Conduction cooled 1 slot 3U VPX with integral 6 channel intelligent 400W power supply.


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