RuSH Sidekick RH

RuSH System Health Monitor add-on to log Relative Humidity over any desired period, accuracy of +/- 2.5% RH over 5-95% range. Military rugged device


If you need to know the humidity anywhere, the RuSHTM Sidekick RH Module is for you. Small, accurate and easy to use.

Do you need to measure Relative Humidity with a “military rugged” device? Do you need to be able to read the humidity on a mountaintop? A RuSHTMSystem Monitor with its Sidekick CS Module can do it.

  • Accuracy of +/- 2.5% RH over the range of 5-95%
  • Powered directly from your RuSHTMSystem Monitor
  • Allows the RuSHTMSystem Monitor to log Relative Humidity over any desired period
  • Small size – .85” X 1.4” X .5” high