RuSH Sidekick LE

RuSH System Health Monitor add-on tells easily the exact voltage or temperature of your system. PLED display of all RuSH parameters in round-robin fashion.


The RuSHTM Sidekick LE Module is shipped as a standard add-on with many of the RuSHTMSystem Monitor assemblies. It allows you to easily see what is going on inside your system without connecting terminals or other equipment.

Ordinary LED indicators can only tell you if a parameter is above or below a threshold. They can’t tell you the exact voltage or temperature of your system. With the addition of the Sidekick LE Module, theRuSHTMSystem Monitor can display system parameters in easy to understand English.

  • PLED technology is bright and has 170 degree (horizontal and vertical) viewing angle
  • Wide temperature range (-20C to +85C operation)
  • 20 character X 2 lines of display allows for full words to be displayed
  • Displays all RuSHTMSystem Monitor parameters in a round-robin fashion
  • Powered directly from your RuSH System Monitor
  • 1.5” X 4.6