RuSH Sidekick TS

RuSH System Health Monitor add-on temperature sensor measures -17C to +85C or -50C to +85C extended range, Accurate +/-1C or +/- 2C extended range.


2 degree accuracy standard temperature sensor supporting all RuSHTMSystem Monitors. Small, accurate and easy to install.

One of the most important jobs your chassis must perform is to provide a cooling system for your delicate electronics. The RuSHTM Sidekick TS Module allows it to do that job perfectly. This is the standard temperature sensor for the RuSHTMSystem Monitor and comes with many of RuSHTMSystem Monitorassemblies.

  • Analog IC – type sensor requires no calibration or trimming
  • Measures – 17C to + 85C (standard range) or -50C to + 85C (extended range)
  • Accurate to +/-1 degree C (standard range) or +/- 2 degrees C (extended range)
  • 3 – wire connection
  • Powered directly from your RuSHTMSystem Monitor
  • No addressing issues
  • Very small – .25” X 1.7” long with 2 X #4 mounting holes.