RuSH Sidekick 3P

RuSH System Health Monitor add-on to monitor 3 phase 60Hz or 400Hz current in each phase to 100mA accuracy and insure that all 3 phases are connected properly.


Does your application use 3phase 60 or 400Hz power? The RuSHTM Sidekick 3P Module can measure the current in each phase (separately) and insure that all phases are connected properly – absolutely essential if motors are being used.

If you use 3-phase power, you probably find it difficult to obtain small, versatile, remote sensing measuring devices. The RuSHTM System Health Monitor with the Sidekick 3P Module is the answer. Accurate current measurements are made without frequency-sensitive current transformers. The RuSHTM Sidekick CS Modulemaintains total isolation through the use of Hall-effect devices. Now you can easily protect your valuable equipment and monitor its operation anywhere in the world!

  • Independently measures the currents in all three phases to 100mA accuracy (16A/phase max).
  • Uses Hall-effect sensors for total isolation. No sense resistors are used.
  • 4th Channel of current sensing for measuring any desired DC voltage
  • Self-calibrating – works on both 60Hz and 400Hz.
  • Powered directly from your RuSH System Monitor
  • 4-wire connection to the RuSH
  • Only 2.8” X 5.5” X 1.5” high