RuSH Sidekick LD

RuSH System Health Monitor add-on shows status of 4 voltages, temperature sensors and fans. 6 LED display, can be located up to 100 ft from the RuSH Monitor.


The RuSHTM Sidekick LD Module LED display is the perfect complement to theRuSHTMSystem Monitor wherever space is limited.

If you don’t have much panel space – too little for a Sidekick LE Module , the RuSHTM Sidekick LD Module is perfect for you. Small, bright and (thanks to the RuSH) very informative.

  • Bi-color (Red and Green) LEDs
  • Red indicates dangerous levels, Green for OK, flashing LEDs signal other conditions
  • 6 LEDs show the status of 4 voltages, the temperature sensors and the fans
  • Can be located up to 100’ from the RuSHTMSystem Monitor
  • Powered directly from your RuSHTMSystem Monitor
  • Only .66” X 3