DEV-4200 3U OpenVPX up to 8-slot Development System

OpenVPX 3U up to 8 slot development system. Specifically supports OpenVPX and VPX REDI 3U boards and modules. Portable, attractive and travels well.

DEV-4200 Product Datasheet


Available with any backplane topology. OpenVPX Development System for 3U Modules. 3U version of our most popular 6U Development System. Designed by Dawn’s engineers to specifically support OpenVPX and VPX REDI 3U boards and modules. This portable chassis is well built, attractive and travels well between the bench top, the trade show, and your customers.

Dawn’s VPX Development System for 3U OpenVPX boards aligns well with the requirements specified within Draft 1.08 of Vita65. Provides up to an 8-slot system for 3U convection cooled boards and 3U transition modules on 1.0 inch pitch. RuSH controlled power and cooling supports high current demands and corresponding high cooling requirements. Backplane profiles and topologies are available to test any board configuration.

  • Up to 8-Slots of OpenVPX on 1″ pitch with or without RTM connectors.
  • A wide variety of Backplane Profiles available using Dawn’s Patent Pending FMM Technology.
  • Connectors may be partially populated for cost savings.
  • Dawn’s RuSH System Health Monitor and Controller with LCD Display.
  • Choice of 12H, 5VH, or VEN Power Systems.
  • Performance Tested Cooling provides up to 20CFM/Slot at .24In. H2O.
  • Legacy wedge-lock or Vita48.2 style card guides available as an option.
  • Chassis side panels removable (as shown) for side board access and probing.
  • Available for convection and conduction cooled boards.