RME-6460 VPX 6U 2-16 slots RuSH 9U Powered Enclosure

9U VPX 19″ rack mount enclosure for 6U VPX air or conduction cooled boards, 16 slots on 1 inch pitch, RuSH™ system health monitoring.

RME-6460 Product Datasheet


Modular construction modeled after our very popular RME-6450 chassis with many of the same features. Backplane has integrated current sense, RuSH, Fan Docking and assists with cooling and air path.

The chassis supports front panel cabling with a recessed front card cage and a cable passage to the rear I/O panel for applications where TM’s are not desired or available. A recessed rear TM cage is provided for applications requiring rear TM’s. All cable routing is outside of critical cooling paths. A front removable door conceals front panel cabling and helps insure cooling integrity. A hinged rear door provides for multifunction mounting of rear fans, auxiliary power supply, and provides I/O space.

Dawn’s flagship RuSH system health monitoring technology is used to protect your valuable investment in boards by monitoring critical system voltage, current and temperature thresholds, and controlling fans to meet cooling requirements. Upon a catastrophic situation, RuSH takes the necessary action to shut down the system or overcome faults. RuSH provides internet enabled remote control and error/status reporting.

  • 2 to 16 VPX backplane slots on 1 inch pitch.
  • 2″ recessed 6Ux160mm front card cage.
  • 2 separate cable passages to rear I/O panel.
  • Optional 6U x 80mm 1101.10/11 rear TM card cage.
  • Front mounted power switch, reset switch and RuSH Display.
  • Front removable fan tray with optional washable air filter.
  • Redundant or current shared power to 4000 watts.
  • Chassis handles and optional slides.
  • 6ea, 190 CFM, 12VDC fans.
  • Air flow in lower front and out upper rear.
  • Fully assembled, wired and tested.

Please order P/N 11-1016460-WXYZ Please see data sheet rear for WXYZ Suffix addition to part number