RuSH Mate

Control fans, power supplies, LEDs, backplane signals or almost anything else imaginable. Built 6UX80MM, plugs to backplane rear. VME and cPCI versions.


The RuSH Mate is a perfect add-on to virtually any chassis. The unit is built as a 6U X 80mm “transition module” that plugs into the rear of the backplane. Both VME and cPCI versions are available.

  • Controls fan speed on the basis of temperature
  • Monitors 6 fan tachometers
  • Variable-threshold fan speed error detection for early prediction of fan failures
  • Accepts 4 analog or 8 digital temperature sensors.
  • Totally configurable though an easy, menu-driven interface.
  • Handles all outputs (LED.LCD and RS-232) simultaneously.
  • Available with or without Ethernet.
  • Programmable automatic shutdown on a variety of fault conditions.
  • Enhanced command set for machine-machine communication.
  • Two levels of password protection.
  • On-board “form-c” relay for controlling high current/high voltage loads.
  • On board “speaker” to alert users of fault conditions (optional).
  • “Sidekick” modules monitor Current, AC line (voltage and phase),vibration/acceleration, temperature, humidity, air pressure (down to .05”H20).
  • Rugged – withstands over 15 G’s in all axis. -40C to 85C operation
  • Field upgradable firmware.
  • Dawn provides easy/fast firmware modifications that can perform nearly any desired user – specified task.