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9U VME/VME64x 19″ powered enclosure, 2 to 17 slot 6UX160MM front card cage and 6UX80MM rear transition module card cage.

RME-6450 Product Datasheet


Robust, Low Maintenance, High-Reliability, 9U, 19″ Rack Mount Enclosure for 6U x 160mm cards and 6U x 80mm transition modules. Minimal footprint, only 11.75″ deep. Quality components used throughout for >100K MTBF. Front removable fan tray with optional washable air filter and front plug-in power supplies available as spares provide for very short MTTR.

  • 2 to 17 backplane slots of legacy VME or VME64x with or without P0
  • 6U x 160mm 1101.10/11 compatible card cage
  • 6U x 80mm 1101.10/11 rear TM card cage
  • Front mounted power switch and RuSH Display
  • Front removable fan tray with optional washable air filter
  • Front plug-in Power Supplies
  • Redundant or current shared power to 1000 watts
  • Chassis handles and optional slides
  • 3ea, 120+CFM, 12VDC fans
  • Air flow in lower front and out upper rear
  • Fully assembled, wired and tested


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