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10U VME64x powered enclosure featuring 21 slot 6UX160MM front card cage and 21 slot rear transition module card cage.

RME-9613 Product Datasheet


10U VME64x rackmount powered enclosure featuring a 21-slot 6UX160MM front card cage, 21-slot rear transition module card cage, DC fan cooling with bottom to top air flow, 350-1KW standard power supply options, and assembled with VME64x P1P0P2 backplanes from 2-21 slots, front mounted main power switch, perforated top cover, provisions for mounting four each 5.25″ peripheral devices

  • 10U Overall Height
  • 21-slot 6UX160MM card cage
  • 2-21 slot P1P0P2 VME64x backplanes
  • Shrouds on P2 & P0 connectors
  • Power supply options to 1000W
  • Bottom to Top Cooling
  • Perforated Top Cover
  • Peripheral Device Mounting Provisions
  • Availalble with RuSH System Health Monitor Option
  • Front Mounted Main Power Switch


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