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10U VME64x 19in Powered Rackmount Side View
10U VME64x 19in Powered Rackmount Rear View10U VME64x 19in Powered Rackmount Front Door Open

10U VME64x 19″ Powered Enclosure

10U Rackmount with two horizontal 6U removable power supplies in rear.

Product Description

10U x 19” Rackmount powered enclosure with Dawn’s RuSH technology:

  • 6U x 160mm front card cage 2” recessed
  • 6U x 80mm Rear Transition Module Card Cage
  • 21-slot VME64x high-performance backplane with J1/J0/J2 with EBG / IACK
  • 2 ea 500W, 6Ux160mm, 47 PIN, Plug-in Power Supply in lower rear
  • Front Removable Fan Tray and 3ea., 12VDC fans
  • Rear Fan Tray with 2ea 12VDC Fans for side to side for power supplies
  • Rush System control and monitoring includes:
    • Ethernet remote monitoring of temperature
    • Ethernet enabled remote system reset
    • System Monitoring of fans and power
    • Power Shutdown on over temp or over voltage
  • Optional SNMP or Secure Shell communications available
  • Air flow is lower front/rear intake to top rear exhaust
  • Power supplies plug in to the lower rear of the chassis
  • Standard IEC AC input connector and line cord
  • Power supply fans will be monitored as part of RuSH system.
  • Without Air Filter, without slides
  • Includes custom bottom pan to accommodate a lower rear horizontal plug-in power supply cage with side to side rear cooling.
  • Includes bottom hinged Lexan front door for recessed card cage
  • Assembled, wired and tested, ready for plug-n-play
  • Overall chassis dimensions: 10U(17.47”)H x 19”W x 20”D

Ordering Information: Dawn P/N 11-1019113