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Taking the guesswork out of VPX power designs with intelligent extender cards –VITA Technologies December 2013

Understanding the power requirements of an individual embedded computing card is an important part of overall systems design. What the card will require from the system power supply and, ideally, how those requirements will vary based on workload, is information that factors into system design decisions.

You Need It Right.
You Want Dawn.
You Need It Right.<br />You Want Dawn.

Our long history of customer satisfaction, proven design and manufacturing capabilities makes us the premier choice. We can modify our existing platforms, or incorporate your requirements into a customized solution for prototyping and development. We are dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction.

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Product Spotlight
Product Spotlight

DEV-4200 OpenVPX Development System for 3U Modules. 3U version of our most popular 6U Development System. Designed by Dawn's engineers for meticulous use by your engineers to specifically support OpenVPX and VPX REDI 3U boards and modules.

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Design Capabilities
Design Capabilities

Dawn provides customers an in-depth and broad range of system and product knowledge and expertise coupled with the latest tools in design and manufacture to enable fast turn-around, competitively priced, quality design, manufacturing and support of a wide range of custom requirements.

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Dawn’s Universal AC Input VITA 62 3U Power Supply

PSC-6236 universal AC input VITA 62 compliant 3U power supply for air or conduction cooled OpenVPX systems. True 6 channel supply with up to 400 watts output. Mission critical wide temperature range at high power. Input 85 VAC to 264 VAC, 47 Hz to 400 Hz.

Can be special ordered to support high current single channel applications. Embedded RuSH™ technology actively monitors voltage, current and temperature, and provides protective control.

  • Universal AC input VITA 62 3U 400W AC/DC power supply with full OpenVPX support.
  • Air cooled, bulkhead conduction cooled and reverse side wedge lock conduction cooled models.
  • AC input: Single phase 85 VAC to 264 VAC.
  • DC output PO1: +12V/16.7A, PO2: +5V/40A, PO3: +3.3V/30A, +3.3V_Aux/4A, +12V_Aux/4A, -12V _Aux /3A.
  • High power mission critical wide temperature range up to -40 °C to +85 °C at the thermal interface.
  • Ruggedized – VITA 47 compliant.