OpenVPX 6U 10-slot Air Over Conduction 1200 Watts / Drive Bay


Custom 1 ATR air over conduction cooled , environmentally sealed chassis. Fully shielded to meet EMI/RFI requirement. Includes two front handles, top and bottom covers.

Front I/O:
Includes custom front I/O panel, with nine circular Mil D38999, consisting of 6, pin, 35 pin, 37 pin and 55 pin connectors for J1-J6. J7, J8 and J9 are not populated. A shielded cover is installed over J9 connector cut-out. Custom front I/O Board (Dawn P/N 08-1017656 Rev. B) connected to custom VPX Backplane via right angle connector. Includes ON-OFF toggles switch with Guard. Includes chassis GND with quick disconnect wing nut.

Card Cage:
Top loaded conduction cooled card cage. Conduction cool card guides. Accommodates up to ten 6Ux160mm conduction cooled VPX cards. Includes one solid state Disc Drive Carrier mounted on the side behind front I/O panel. Provision for mounting GPS/1PPS/10MHZ source in the chassis

Custom 6U, 10 slot open VPX Backplane (Dawn P/N 08-1017654 Rev. B). Compliant with VITA 65 Specification. Multi-Gig connectors J0-J6 in front. VPX guide pins. Battery holder. There is no RTM.

Power Supply:
Consists of three 3U, VITA62, 400watt AC, PSC-6236 mounted on bulkheads.

Consists of one 24VDC, 365 CFM Ametek Rotron Fan with Tachometer output mounted in rear for exhaust.