HLD-6262 6U VITA 48.2 Holdup Module Compatible with PSC-6265

Hold-up Module for 6U PSC-6265 Power Supply

HLD-6262 Holdup Module Product Datasheet


Dawn’s HLD-6262 Holdup Module works in conjunction with our PSC-6265 6U power supply to overcome input power interruption gaps in the normal input power source of up to 50 msec, as specified by MIL-STD-704F. One such example of a “gap” would be the cutover of aircraft instrumentation power from a ground based APU to the aircraft’s own generators.

An integrated soft-start charge circuit limits the in-rush current at system power up. A status LED embedded in the front panel indicates current charge status.

The HLD-6262 is based on a 6U 1-inch pitch form factor and is compliant with VITA 48.2. Mounting of the module is accomplished by securing a pair of VITA 48.2 wedgelocks. The module is fitted with VITA 62 compliant connectors (P0 TYCO 6450843-6 and P1 TYCO 6450849-6) allowing the unit to source power, trigger hold-up, and feed power to the paired power supply via a common backplane.


  • 50 mSec hold-up time compliant with MIL-STD-704F
  • Employs a soft start charge circuit that limits in rush current on system power-up
  • Designed to pair with Dawn’s PSC-6265 6U Power Supply
  • Hold-up trigger input for activation when used in combination with the PSC-6265
  • Front panel LED charge status indicator
  • VITA 48.2 Compliant Inject/Eject levers for easy installation

Ordering Information: Dawn P/N 06-1016262