PSD-6362 3U VITA 62 Single Slot Power Backplane

3U VITA 62 compliant 500 watt 6 channel plug-in power supply docking board/backplane for OpenVPX systems. VITA 62 power connector. Designed for quick addition of power to VPX platforms.

PSD-6362 3U Power Docking Board Datasheet


VITA 62 Compliant 3U 500 Watt 6-Channel Plug-in Power Supply Docking Board/Backplane for VPX Systems. Designed for quick addition of power to VPX platforms. VITA 62 power connector. Guide Pin Keys, Sense/Share connector, Monitor connector, Power Studs for high current output.

  • VITA 62 Compliant 3U VPX power supply docking board.
  • 500W power output capability per unit.
  • Up to 4 units may be paralleled into a single system.
  • Power connector and studs provided for connecting power to the backplane.
  • 3U 1″ form factor.
  • True 6-Channel design provides full OpenVPX support.
  • Separate assemblies support AC or DC operation.
  • Jumper options all setting board address (GA) and forced enable (EN).
  • Single connector for monitoring provides access to all power, control, and communications.
  • Fully assembled and tested.

Order P/N 06-1016362-AC (For AC Applications)
Order P/N 06-1016362-DC (For DC Applications)