RGE-9613 VME64x/cPCI/VITA41 6U 2-18 slots 9U

9U rugged VME64x, VITA41/46, CompactPCI, MIL powered enclosure, backplane options to 18 slots, 6UX160MM front card cage, EMI shielded.


9U Rugged MIL Powered Enclosure. Welded-Seam Construction. EMI shielded. Designed to meet MIL-STD461E/901D. 6UX160MM IEEE1101.10 compatible front card cage. VME64x/CompactPCI/VITA41 backplane options to 18-slots. Push-Pull Cooling. Custom Power Options. Custom Rear I/O configurations available.

  • Designed to Meet MIL-STD461E & MIL-STD901D
  • Airborne-Ready Enclosure
  • 9U Overall Height X 21.50″ Deep
  • VME64x, VITA41/46, CompactPCI backplanes to 18 slots
  • DuroCage 6UX160MM IEEE1101.10 compatible extrusions
  • Push-Pull Cooling – 6 Total Fans
  • RuSH System Health Montoring ready
  • Multiple Power Options
  • Custom Rear I/O Panel Versions Available
  • Removable Top Panel and Front Door for Full Card Cage Access