RGE-9313 VME 6U 2-18 slots 9U

9U rugged VME powered enclosure, 20 slot wide vertical 6UX160MM VME DuroCage rugged card cage, 2-18 slots monolithic VME backplane options.

RGE-9313 Product Datasheet


9U rugged, welded-seam construction VME powered enclosure featuring a 20-slot-wide vertical 6UX160MM VME DuroCage rugged card cage, monolithic VME backplane options from 2-18 slots, designed-to-meet MIL-STD-901D for shock and vibration & MIL-STD461E for EMI/ESD suppression. Shielded, hinged front door, shielded rear DC fan assembly, guarded main power switch, optional removable drive bays, RuSH system health monitor, elapsed time meter.

  • 9U Overall Height Rugged Powered Enclosure.
  • 6UX160MM Dawn DuroCage Card Cage.
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-901D & MIL-STD-461E.
  • Monolithic VME Backplane Options to 18-Slots.
  • Shrouds on all P2 Connectors.
  • Welded-Seam Construction, with EMI Suppression.
  • DC Fan Cooling System – Bottom Front to Top Rear Air Path.
  • Power Supply Options to 3KW.
  • Removable Peripheral Options.
  • Optional RuSH System Health Monitor.
  • Optional Elapsed Time Meter & Guarded Power Switches.