VPX-6216 6U VME64x on VPX Backplane

6U VME64x on VPX for VPX boards mapped to VME64x.

6U VME64x on VPX backplane development environment and path for upgrading, 5 slots for plug-in of VPX boards mapped to VME64x architecture.


Dawn’s VME64x on VPX backplane provides an operating environment for 6U modules that require Vita 46.1 only. This backplane allows for plug-in and operation of VPX boards mapped to the VME64x bus. Fits any Eurocard packaging standard based card cage as it meets the form factor and mounting provisions called out in the VITA Specification.

  • 5-Slots of Vita 46.1 VPX on 1″ pitch
  • Ultra-high performance 22-Layer, stripline/differential signal design
  • Transition module connectors provided at all rear slots
  • Backplane may be partially populated for cost savings
  • High Current feed via #6 power studs
  • Power hook up via #6 Ring Terminals
  • Extremely rigid construction eliminates need for stiffener

Please Order P/N 06-1116216