3UX160MM VME Universal test extender board, VMEbus specification IEEE-1014-1987. Signal interrupt switches, 2-oz copper power and ground, 1-oz copper planes.


3U VME Universal Test Extender Board. VMEbus specification IEEE-1014-1987. Singal interrupt switches provided. 2-oz copper power and ground and 1-oz copper planes. Power and ground assignments in accordance with the VMebus specification. High-quality inject/eject card guide handles. Maybe secured together in numberous configurations to create 6U, 9U & 12U solutions

  • 3UX160MM VMEbus Universal Test Extender Board
  • All 96 pins are uncommitted
  • One each power and ground plane are provided for user definition
  • DIN class 2 connectors are standard
  • Signal interrupt switches provided
  • 2-oz copper power and ground and 1-oz copper signal planes
  • Dawn Part Number 11-1000071