9UX160MM VMEbus J1J2 Universal test extender board, power and ground pins per the VMEbus specification. DIN class 2 connectors standard.


9UX160MM VME Test Extender Board. Combination of Dawn’s 3U J1, J2 & Universal Test Extender. DIN class 2 connectors are standard. Power and ground pin assignments for J1 and J2 are in accordance with the VMEbus specification. Connectors provided on both sides of the DIP switches for logic analyzer attachment and terminator module installation. Ideal for 160MM or 220MM card cage applications where DIP switches are required. Fully Assembled and Tested.

  • 9UX160MM VMEbus J1J1Universal Test Extender Board
  • DIN class 2 connectors are standard
  • Signal interrupt switches provided
  • 2-oz copper power and ground and 1-oz copper planes
  • Power and ground assignments in accordance with the VMEbus specification