Because lives are at stake when military electronics fail, the VITA 46.11 System Management on VPX standard facilitates intelligent chassis management and, therefore, heightened reliability.

As the military modernizes from basic control and text-based systems to nearly autonomous and vision-based platforms, the ever-increasing need for more complexity and processing power has forced military electronics to evolve as fast, or faster than, their commercial counterparts. But unlike the commercial world, where a nonoperational tablet computer is merely an inconvenience, a malfunctioning military system can cost lives. Thus, the old method of “swap it out when it fails” just will not do in the military. In the meantime, the VPX form factor is rapidly gaining traction in the military realm as a replacement for VME, and intelligent chassis management for mission-critical VPX systems as provided under VITA 46.11 is helping to ensure reliable performance when failure is not an option.

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