VPX-5908 3U OpenVPX Backplane

3U OpenVPX Development Backplane. 1.0 Inch Pitch, 8-Slot Fabric Mappable. Daisy Chain Fabric on VPX J1 Rows 1-8.

VPX-5908 Product Datasheet


Dawn’s VPX-5908 3U OpenVPX backplane provides the basic needs to support a wide range of manufacturer’s modules. Supports 12H, 5VH, and VEN power profiles. Daisy chained PCI Express and IPMB resident. Additional topologies are available and may be added to this backplane by the customer at time of order.

• Profile BKP3-DIS08, 1.0″ slot pitch 3U OpenVPX.
• Standard topology includes Utility Plane with Pwr/Gnd, PCI Express daisy chain mapping and IPMB.