OpenVPX 6U 8-slot ATR Chassis

Rugged, OpenVPX 6U, 8-slot, convection over conduction-cooled ATR Chassis.

6U ATR Chassis Datasheet


  • 1ATR ARINC 404A Tall/Long format or 1ATR ARINC 404A Short/Long
  • Rugged: Meets the requirements for shock, vibration and structural integrity per MIL-STD-810
  • Power in: Single or three phase 90-264VAC or 28VDC power
  • Cooling: Air flows around a finned, conduction cooled internal, sealed chassis and exits rear of chassis pulled by a single exhaust Tubeaxial high air flow 28V exhaust fan (can be powered with internal AC supplies) – less expensive option desired
  • Eight 6U VITA 48.2 (REDI) )0 inch pitch conduction cooled payload slots in Long format (# of slots in Short format TBD)
  • Configurable rigid front I/O PCBA and 7.5” x 7.5” front panel with Hercules® high-speed, ruggedized, circular mil connectors allows customization to exact application requirements
  • Three tri-color front panel LED’s to indicate power supply status, temperature, and fan fail indicator
  • Optional front panel hour meter (offered at additional cost – less expensive option desired). Dawn power supplies have integrated Power On Hours Meter than can be read over I2C or USB
  • Guarded front panel integrated breaker power switch
  • Front panel plug-in 7mm hard drive bay (internal mounting option)
  • Optional dust filters (offered at additional cost)
  • Front-mounted carrying handles
  • ATR tray locks
  • 50 ms at 500 W  Mountable Holdup module available as an option.

Power Supply Features

  • Includes one or two field replaceable Dawn VME Intelligent 3U VITA 62 AC or DC wedgelock conduction cooled power supplies (i.e., the wedgelock supplies are located such that they are also cooled through the bulkhead)
  • Future model to offer one replaceable Dawn VME Intelligent 6U 1600W VITA 62 DC wedgelock conduction cooled power supply (i.e., the wedgelock supply is located such that they are also cooled through the bulkhead)

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