3U VPX Development Backplane

1.0 inch pitch, 8-slot, Fabric Mapping Module ready.

3U VPX Development Backplane Datasheet



Dawn’s VPX backplanes provide a natural migratory path from development to production by allowing a unique mappable architecture at time of order without the cost of designing a custom backplane.

Connector-less FMMs* (fabric mapping modules) allow for unique backplane connection mapping from standard COTS parts. FMMs can include High speed differential pairs for PCI Express, Serial Rapid I/O, Ethernet, SATA, and other signals. These modules maintain signal integrity by eliminating connector stub issues which can reduce speed capability.

FMMs creating a direct stripline interface between slots. Custom FMMs loaded with standard COTS connectors, can also provide low profile signal breakout for applications where transition module cost and size do not work. See separate FMM data sheet for specifics.


  • 8-Slot – BKP3-PGO08, (Power/Ground Only).
  • 3U OpenVPX compliant, 1” pitch.
  • Topology includes Utility Plane with IPMB and Pwr/Gnd(See rear side map.
  • Backplane supports additional topologies via Dawn’s Patent Pending Fabric Mapping Module*.
  • (FMM*) micro-overlays.
  • Additional mapping such as PCIe, SRIO, and Ethernet is available and may be added to backplane at time of order.
  • Ultra-high performance stripline / differential signal design.
  • User configurable slot key rotation for VPX Cards and RTM.
  • Design supports RTM connectors at all rear slots.
  • Tyco Connectors may be partially populated for cost savings.
  • Integrated RuSH system monitor interface connectors.
  • * = Patent Pending

Ordering Information:

Order P/N 06-1115948

Contact Factory for details if you would like additional topology added to this backplane.