DEV-7713 VME64x 6U 9-slot Direct Plug-In RTM Card Cage

VME64x development chassis. 6UX160MM card cage, 6UX80MM rear direct plug in transition module card cage. 9 slot VME64x backplane.
DEV-7713 Product Datasheet


VME64x Tabletop Development chassis, with a 6UX160MM IEEE1101.10 compliant card cage, 6UX80MM IEEE1101.11 rear direct plug in transition module card cage, 9-slot VME64x backplane, with P0, shrouds on P2 & P0, DC fan cooling system, 400W ATX power supply, mounting provisions for four half-height peripheral devices, front panel power status LEDs, rear mounted main power and backplane SYSReset switches

  • VME64x Tabletop Development Chassis
  • 9-Slot VME64x P1P0P2 Backplane Installed
  • Direct Plug-In Rear Transition Module Card Cage
  • DC Fan Cooling System – 8 Total Fans
  • 400W ATX Power Supply, w/+3.3V
  • Full Assembled, Wired and Tested