10U custom rack mount enclosure with cage for 7 slots of 6UX160MM boards with 6UX80MM transition modules and 13 slots of 6UX400MM boards.

PGE-77 Product Datasheet


Custom 10U rack mount enclosure with cage for 7-slots of 6U x 160mm boards with 6U x 80mm transition modules and 13-slots of 6U x 400mm boards. Measures 10U x 19″ x 26″. Air flow is in lower front and sides and out upper sides. RuSH technology monitors and controls system power and cooling. Hard drive mounting provided for on rear deck.

  • Custom 10U rack mount enclosure supports a wide range of program needs
  • Split 6U x 160mm/400mm system
  • RuSH system health monitor controls power and cooling
  • 8-Rush controlled fans below cage for excellent cooling.
  • RuSH front panel display
  • Air flow in lower front plus right and left sides and out upper right and left sides.
  • 1700W Power system