9U custom rack mount enclosure for 6UX160MM boards and 6UX80MM transition modules.


Custom 9U rack mount enclosure for 6U x 160mm boards and 6U x 80mm transition modules. Measures 9U x 19″ x 11.75″. Uses 6U plug-in power supplies for dual-redundant or current shared power. Designed for 12-slot 6U VME64x backplane. RuSH controlled Power and Fans. Removable Fan Tray.

  • Custom 9U rack mount enclosure supports a wide range of program needs
  • 12 slots of VME64x
  • Minimal chassis depth for tight installations
  • RuSH technology controls power and cooling system
  • Plug-in power for redundancy for power levels up to 500W or current share for power levels up to 1000W
  • Useful for VPX, VXS, VME64x, or cPCI applications
  • Removable Fan Tray with three RuSh controlled fans