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20 Slot 6U monolithic backplane. Available in J1/J2 and J1/J2/J0 versions, complete with Electronic Bus Grant (EBG) jumpering.


20-Slot 6U Monolithic Backplane. Available in J1/J2 and J1/J2/J0 versions, Complete with Electronic Bus Grant (EBG) Jumpering.

  • 20-Slot, 6U VME64x Backplane J1J0J2
  • ANSI/VITA 1-1997 VME Extensions Compliant
  • Shrouds on all J2 and J0 connectors
  • On-Board Termination
  • On-Board Electronic BUSGRANT/IACK daisy-chain
  • 8-Layer Design
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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