ITM-6973 Intelligent VPX Test Module

Intelligent VPX Test Module, also system monitor and load board. Feature packed. 3U version shown. 6U version available.

ITM-6973 Product Datasheet


Intelligent VPX Test Module, also System Monitor and Load Board. Feature packed. Performs an amazing range of applications, and tests such as OpenVPX Rule Compliance testing and certification, system design validation and characterization. Doubles as an important monitoring, data logging, and reporting device when included within deployed systems. Can data log and time stamp extraordinary events such as shock and vibration, operation outside of normal thresholds.

3U VPX Test Module performs a wide variety of functions and applications such as:

  • Compliance testing of VITA Rules for OpenVPX conduction cooled systems
  • Design Validation of systems based on Power and Thermal simulation of deployed board set
  • Emulate system operating current profile based on multiple current image mapping of actual modules
  • Measure power supply hold up time of voltage rails under various loads
  • Measure Peak-to-Peak noise on each voltage rail
  • Design Validation of planned deployed system
  • System Characterization of new products
  • Automatic system power and thermal characterization with graphical file output
  • Empirically test, measure and record thermal characteristics of a conduction cooled enclosure
  • Confirm power Supply set points for over-current and over-temperature
  • Thermostatically controlled heater keeps equipment operational in cold environments

Module Partial Feature Set Includes:

  • PIC Microprocessor for testing, data logging, and control
  • 6-separate microprocessor controlled high-current active loads
  • 6-channel voltmeter measures to +/-10mV accuracy
  • 6-channel current meter with +/-200mA accuracy at 15A Max. on VS Channels and +/-100mA accuracy at 2A Max. on AUX Channels
  • 4-precision temperature sensors measure +/-1 Deg.C
  • 6-channel noise meter measures peak-to-peak ripple on power rails
  • 2-each 3-axis accelerometers low and high range measure shock and vibration
  • 7-channel ohm meter measures isolation resistance
  • Real Time Clock provides absolute time stamp of events
  • Units automatically communicate with each other to work in concert to perform tests and share loads.
  • Front panel control switch, modulated RGB multi-color status LED’s, Micro-USB connection to PC, and external i2C bus connector.
  • MS-Windows-based GUI for viewing board, setting parameters and logging data
  • Comprehensive User Manual details use and application of module.