CCG-6860 Conduction Cooled Card Guide

Conduction cooled card guide for Dawn DC-(n) Series air cooled development chassis. Revolutionary design allows for up to 175 watts per slot of conduction cooling.


New Improved design now cools up to 175W per slot. Precision Machined Conduction Cooled card guide for Dawn DC-(n) Series development chassis. “Patent Applied For” design allows conduction cooled boards to be tested or developed using Dawn’s air cooled DC-2 or DC-3 development chassis.

Available as part of factory new equipment or as end user upgrade kit. Dawn’s 700fpm air system flowing over the large surface area provided by the fins of this “patent applied for” design conduction cools up to 175 Watts per slot. Supports latest VITA 48.2 conduction cooled mechanicals.

  • Revolutionary design allows for up to 175 Watts per slot of conduction cooling
  • Precision machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Corrosion resistant gold alodine finish
  • Field installable using 4-Torx driven screws
  • Fits all Dawn DC-n series development chassis
  • Installs in place of plastic guides
  • Converts air cooled chassis to conduction cooled
  • Robust design may be reused and moved from chassis to chassis
  • Provides a conduction cooled test capability at a fraction of the cost of a conduction cooled chassis.
  • Also useful for cPCI conduction cooled systems (Contact Dawn for different P/N)

Order Upgrade Kit P/N 11-1016860

Top and Bottom mirror image parts are required for each slot. One upgrade kit provides all necessarys parts to upgrade a single slot.