6UX160MM VME64x J1J0J2 Universal test extender board, ANSI/VITA 1997-1 form factor and connector compliant. All J1, J0 & J2 connector pins are bussed.

EXB-9535 Product Datasheet


6U VME64x Style J1J0J2 Universal Test Extender Board. ANSI/VITA 1997-1 Form Factor and Connector Compliant. All J1, J0, and J2 connector pins are uncommitted to power/ground and bussed as signals. Any and all J1/J2 lines are switch inrerruptable. Any combination of connector pins may be user committed to any one of four internal heavy copper planes for user defined power/ground system. Accommodation for logic analyzer test probes before and after interupt switches. High-quality inject/eject card guide handles.

  • 6U VME64x J1J0J2 Universal Test Extender Board
  • 160mm Depth
  • ANSI/VITA 1997 1.1 connector and form factor Compliant
  • All J1, J0 & J2 connector pins are bussed
  • Any and all J1/J2 bussed lines are switch interruptible
  • User may connect any connector pin combination to any of four internal uncommitted heavy copper planes to create any power/ground scheme
  • 2 oz. copper planes for user defined power and ground minimize voltage drop
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Dawn Model VME64UXB12DJ0-CS/SW
  • Please order P/N 06-1010715