6UX160MM VME64x slot bypass board, convenient solution for filling VME64x enclosure empty slots. J1 connector jumpers for BUSGRANT/IACK daisy-chaining.


6UX160MM VME64x Slot Bypass Board provides a high-quality, convenient solution for filling empty slots in your VME64x enclosure. It also provides jumpers on the J1 connector for BUSGRANT/IACK daisy-chaining of unoccupied slots. Air flow management is also improved with the products’ built-in air dam. 

  • 6UX160MM VME64x Slot Bypass Board
  • J1 Connector Provides Jumpers for BUSGRANT/IACK Daisy-Chain Signals
  • IEEE1101.10 Front Panel Installed
  • Assists in Air Flow Improvement
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Use Dawn P/N 11-1011865 for ordering