6UX160MM VME64x prototyping board, ANSi/VITA 1997 1.1 compliant. 0.1″ pin grid array, accommodates up to 80 20-pin devices or 90 16-pin IC equivalents.

PRB-9744 Product Datasheet


6UX160MM VME64x Prototyping board. Continuous .1″ grid provides maximum flexibility for device prototyping. Can accommodate up to 80, 20-pin devices or 90, 16-pin IC equivalents. Power and ground committed on J1 & J2 and distributed across the board.

  • 6UX160MM VME64x Prototyping Board
  • 0.1″ Pin Grid Array
  • ANSi/VITA 1997 1.1 Compliant
  • High-current +5VDC and Ground arrays
  • Power connections included for all VME64x voltages
  • Connectors Shipped Loose for Installation Flexibility

To order or request a quote please use:

  • P/N 06-1010044 without Front Panel
  • P/N 11-1010044 with Front Panel