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PSC-6629 3U Air or Conduction Cooled

3U 400 watt 6 channel plug-in or bulkhead mounted power supply for air or conduction cooled OpenVPX systems. P47 power connector pinout mapped to PICMG 2.11 cPCI. Embedded RuSHTM technology.

PSC-6629 Product Datasheet


3U 400 Watt 6-Channel Plug-in or Bulkhead Mounted Power Supply for Air or Conduction Cooled OpenVPX Systems. Designed for mission critical applications. P47 power connector pinout mapped to PICMG 2.11 cPCI. Dawn’s embedded RuSH technology provides intelligence for precision monitoring and control. Many non-standard features are available through custom firmware.

  • 3U Air or Conduction cooled models available on 1″ pitch
  • Primary or Secondary side Wedge Lock order option
  • 6-Channel design provides full OpenVPX support
  • 400 Watts output power over a wide temperature range
  • Embedded RuSH Technology actively monitors Temperature plus Voltage and Current on each rail
  • Factory programmable power sequencing and shutdown control for each voltage rail
  • Over Voltage, Over Current, and Over Temperature protection
  • Current share compatible with additional PSC-6629 units
  • I2C interface for Status & Control
  • Standard INH# and EN# power control signals
  • VBAT for support of VPX memory backup power bus
  • Front I/O panel includes LED status indicator, USB port for firmware upgrade and VBAT battery access
  • Inject/Eject levers for easy installation
  • Optional 3-axis accelerometer and real time clock records and time stamps shock events
  • Optional Humidity Sensor
  • Optional Data Logging of extraordinary events such as over temperature, over current, over voltage

Dawn P/N 06-1016629-WXYZ (See Data Sheet for Suffix P/N)


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