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3U VITA41 (VXS) with 5 slot horizontal 6UX160MM front card cage and 5 slot 6UX80MM rear transition module card cage

RME-3814 Product Datasheet


3U VITA41 (VXS) rackmount enclosure, with a 5-slot horizontal 6UX160MM IEEE1101.10 compatible front card cage and a 5-slot, horizontal 6UX80MM rear transition module card cage. Assembled with a 5-slot VITA41 backplane with 1 system and 4 payload slots, DC fan cooling system, 300W power supply, Dawn’s RuSH system health monitor and display, rear 3.5″ internal peripheral bracket and front mounted main power switch

  • Horizontal 5-slot VITA41 (VXS) Powered Enclosure
  • 5-slot VITA41 (VXS) Backplane
  • 1 System and 4 Payload Slots
  • Dawn RuSH System Health Monitor & Display
  • 300W Power Supply
  • DC Fan Cooling System
  • Rear Transition Module Card Cage
  • 3.5″ Peripheral Mounting
  • Front Mounted Main Power Switch


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