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3U VPX Test Module performs a wide variety of functions and applications such as:

  • Compliance testing of VITA Rules for OpenVPX conduction cooled systems
  • Design Validation of systems based on Power and Thermal simulation of deployed board set
  • Emulate system operating current profile based on multiple current image mapping of actual modules.
  • Measure power supply hold up time of voltage rails under various loads
  • Measure Peak-to-Peak noise on each voltage rail
  • Design Validation of planned deployed system
  • System Characterization of new products
  • Automatic system power and thermal characterization with graphical file output
  • Empirically test, measure and record thermal characteristics of a conduction cooled enclosure
  • Confirm power Supply set points for over-current and over-temperature
  • Thermostatically controlled heater keeps equipment operational in cold environments

      Module Partial Feature Set Includes:
    • PIC Microprocessor for testing, data logging, and control
    • 6-separate microprocessor controlled high-current active loads
    • 6-channel voltmeter measures to +/-10mV accuracy
    • 6-channel current meter with +/-200mA accuracy at 15A Max. on VS Channels and +/-100mA accuracy at 2A Max. on AUX Channels
    • 4-precision temperature sensors measure +/-1 Deg.C
    • 6-channel noise meter measures peak-to-peak ripple on power rails
    • 2-each 3-axis accelerometers low and high range measure shock and vibration
    • 7-channel ohm meter measures isolation resistance
    • Real Time Clock provides absolute time stamp of events
    • Units automatically communicate with each other to work in concert to perform tests and share loads.
    • Front panel control switch, modulated RGB multi-color status LED's, Micro-USB connection to PC, and external i2C bus connector.
    • MS-Windows-based GUI for viewing board, setting parameters and logging data
    • Comprehensive User Manual details use and application of module.

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